Recent Retirees

Our aim is to breed fast animals but also we have to deal with the Ifs and WHENs. Old and/or injured racedogs will be retired also our elderly broodbitches. Any pup that does not show some ability will be placed in a pet home so I will only be offering pups that I would have gone on with myself.

Therefore my daughter is starting to run a rehoming project in Germany were already some of my “true friends” from my start-up-time in Ireland found lovely families.

Retired to Germany

Lady Catunda aka Lady
Riviera Magic aka Ginger
Jaxxy Nightshift aka Stella
Scartview Pepes aka Kathy
Muecke aka Roxy
Jaxxys Lion
Duracell Jaxx
Ballycahane band
ConstantOptimism aka Conny
Jaxxy Fantasy aka Funny
Survivng Queen aka Queeny
Ice Cool Duke aka Dukie
Sexy Geisha aka Josie
Jaxxin Beanobook aka Bini

Retired to Italy


Retired to Canada

Leisure Leopard aka Kitty

Retired to Switzerland

Gracor Gorm