Greyhounds for Sale

We have always topbred pups for sale which can be reared on if required. All pups up to 5 month can be purchased with monthly payment plan. (check out download for contract).

Pups in schooling age will be offered with sectional times from the Wild Goose or Damian McCanns schoolingtrack. As we are travelling to Germany on a regular base, we can ship pups for a resonable rate.

All my racedogs are for sale, only reason, I can t keep them all. View our Racing Team

Pups 7 months and older




Pups over 5 months

Ballymac Maeve x Jaxx Whiskeytalk

ballymac maeve is well proven to put earlypace into his offsprings and jaxx whiskeytalk is proven as well as she is having winning pups on both sites of the irish sea. One bitch sapling for sale, rare opportunity to buy into Paul Wheelers Bale dameline.


Pups up to 5 months

Droopys Scolarie x Tas

Are you looking for something special? A pup with earlypace? A prospect for TOP class races? Loads of fun and excitement?
My bitch TAS puts it in her offsprings and her daughters are as good as her sons.
TAS breeding is second to none, her mother is halfe sister to CRASH, HALLUCINATE, WHERE IS PEDRO, PURE OCTANE only to name a few.
4 wrightups this week Sportingpress about her winning offsprings
Badmington Girl , irish oaks runnerup with 1.93 split from trap 6 ( best times 28.30 for 525 shelbourne and 17.45 newbridge 325)
Tasmanic Jaxx , redmills champion juvenile open runner up ( best time 28.52 Shelbourne)
Work me Lord best rating in gdata 112
Teutonic Jaxx winner of two in a row 
Jaxxon  a Mission ( best time 29.08 Dundalk with a split 2.37)

Litter to Droopys Scolarie 7 pups in total / 1 dog 6 bitches all black
1 bitchpup up for sale 2500 euro no offers
Only in good hands of advanced rearers to make sure we will meet again at SHELBOURNE