(Premier Fantasy x ConstantOptimism)

Her outings where cut short due her wristproblem, but she is the fastes bitch in the litter. She won her first race in 21.80 for the 400 y and all looks bright, in her second race she did her wrist and I never got her right I so retired her to the broodbarn.

Her backbreeding is excellent and her sisters from the previous litter JAXX NALA won the Danish Oaks and the other sister PEPPER JAXX was runner up 2011. PEPPER JAXX was Bitch of the Year Berringbro 2011 .

Sire Premier Fantasy has all the attribute to make a TOP damesire Dame "CONSTANTOPTIMISM" is my US - Brett Lee - bitch.

Her dam and grand dam were racers on maintracks in the states, the dam FUZZYS THUNDER defeated the likes of such renowned greyhounds as:

* Aimin By Design, Grade A/Stakes St. Pete, Winner of 2002 Derby Lane Sprint Classic and Matinee Idol Stake,etc.

* BD's Phillip, Winner of the $250,000 Bluffs Run Open, etc.

* D's Jakethesnake, Winner 1999 Southland Winter Juvenile Championship, etc.

* Dodgem By Design, 2002 All-American, Winner $85,000 Sprint Classic, Matinee Idol Champion Derby Lane, etc.

* WMS Castaway, Grade A Tampa, NGA Spring Meet 2001 Fastest Time, etc. * Beetle ($32,500 NGA purchase by Amy Birnbaum {Craigie Whistler}Grade A St. Pete, etc.)

ALL of the DOGS she has defeated are now available for stud service. CONSTANTOPTIMISM is unraced due a broken leg in the age of 5 month. She is coming from a rearly strong US dameline, Fuzzys Scarecrow (sister to Fuzzys Swindler) is in the US ranking 5. topdamdams. Her littersisters ran grade AA at Birmingham and Tuscon. Fuzzys Jasmine is #4 damestanding USA 2008 Dam of fantastic litter incl Silver Jones at stud in Australia.

Gizmo Lotus

(Burnpark Champ x Sydney Swan)

serious irish breeding tracing back to oakswinner and bitch of the year April Surprise. Inny Blue and Inny Breeze where decent racedogs and halfe brothers. She was the best in her litter but wristy which forced early retirement. 
This dameline is actually prominent as Aries Son look to be very good as a sire as he bred 2 derbydogs from limited matings. Completly underrated that fella

Mustang Lexie

( Flying Penske x Mustang Mega)

Lexie was purchase to breed another Ballymac Eske, and she is in pup now to Burnpark Champ. But she is not only interesting being a Flying penski bitch, she is a dameline to die for
Mustang Mega is halfesister to Mega Delight this needs no more commment and lexie herselfe is sister to Bluetoone Megan ( dame of Tyrur Mozzeltoff, Miss Lee, Dusseldorf, Rockburst Megan)

Jaxx Whiskeytalk

(Whiskey Assassin x Sandrine Bale)

JAXX WHISKEYTALK by WHISKEY ASSASSIN, who already left his footprints in Ireland and England (DOTLAND HITMAN)is the only bitch out of P. Wheelers BALE dameline in Europe.

Her dam SANDRINE BALE won stakes in Angel Park and is littersister to MIRANDA BALE a class herselfe at the track and dam of HASTINGS BALE. Damdam BASCO BALE was an outstanding racebitch. ( beat such as HONCHO CLASSIC) and represents the BALE - DYNABOLT dameline likes CROMLAH BALE, CARLTON BALE, WHISKEY ASSASSIN, SUEELLEN BALE

Her dameline is now represented by DYNA LACHLAN at stud, DYNA OPHELIA, JARVIS BALE ( by Sonic Flight) archiving 120.5 points at GD rating.

Jaxx Whiskeytalk was unlucky in her 3rd race Dundalk going KO first bend and since she never showed her full potential. In trials she is doing 21.70 in Dundalk 400 y.

Being the only Paul Wheeler bitch in Europe, having a serious backpreding and showed me that she CAN run I will give her a go in the broodbarn.


(Premier Fantasy x Black Fantasy)

TAS is a superb daughter of top sire Premier Fantasy and a daughter of one of Australia's great broods - Elusive Rebel. She is openclass (GDform 101) and showed blistering earlypace . Her racecards reads 12/6/4/1, she won over 525, 400, 350 yards all races with fantastic sectional times.

This bitch has all you want in a greyhound, chase, speed, size. temperament and the will to win. With all those attidudes and the bloodlines she represents, her offsprings are bred to be GROUPWINNERS.

Badmington Girl runner up in the irish Oaks, Group 1
Tasmanic Jaxx, runner up in the Juvenile Open Classic, 2nd in the Consulation of the Bar One Sprint


Delwood Lucy

(Big Daddy Cool x Mandys Import)

Lucys racing career was short due injury so she could not show her full ability under the flash but that does not matters as she is bred to be a broodbitch, doubbling up Sobbing Sal in her dame line and her sireline.

Sobbing Sal need no introduction Lucys granddame Supa Sun is littersister to the great BRETT LEE

She is crying for an outcross and will be bred to Kiowa Sweet Trey. We can see that sucessfull cross in Australia and a serious outcross is running is Ireland NICKEN SHAW





Natalie Jacs On

(Just the Best x Westmead Natalie)

NATALIE JACS ON, a fine bitch in the making and has a breeding that can not come any better.

Semi finalist in IGB 25,000 National 750 and fastes time of the year 600 around Thurles Park

Her dame
Westmead Natalie was a finalist in two produce stakes in uk, clocked the fastest time of the year clonmel and was runner up in the classic irish cesarewitch in one of the best finals for many years beating the likes of prince monalulu and ronans delight.

She comes from a great dam line that has thrown, LARKHILL JOE, Sonic Flight (sire of Westmead hawk), Early Flight(UK Oaks finalist), Dilemmas Flight (UK Oaks winner and UK derby finalist), Spiridon Louis (UK dog of the year 2007) ...



Bunlahy Donna

(Just the Best x Mustang Donna)

Donna is littersister to trackrecoldholder Mustangstevegee GD rating 156, her dam Mustang Donna also produces openclass racers, 1/3 of all her offsprinmgs are rated over 100 like Yamamori, Monterey Jack und Caims Yahoo.

She is daughter of the legendary Airport Express who produced EXPRESS EGO ( at stud) EXPRESS COMET (at stud) EXPERT WISH, Expert Tune and so on, with actual running promising pups like EXPRESS SHUTTLE and EXPRESS MAGIC Coming out of the Exception dameline with lots of american backbreedidng, she will be a pearl in the broodbarn.


Pony Flight

(Pacific Mile x Pony Tina)

Pony Flight, a nice 62 lb black bitch won A2 in Sunderland and carries famous American bloodlines. She is by Pacific Mile and her damegrandsire is Kiowa Sweet Trey.

Her dameline is the great Minnies Nikita line well know by dogs such as SPIRAL NIKITA (Stud) TINA MARINA (Oaks) MARINAS TINA (Oaks) Live Commentary (granddame of BARNFIELD ON AIR, BOHERNA BEST – Pacific Mile) Granddame Pony Nikita through such as COOL PERFORMANCE ( Derby) and Mustang |Hero, Pony Flight is litter sister to Ardfert Ammo. COLLAGE CAUSEWAY ( Derby) is very close related BALLYMAC TIPP by Pony Penny RUMBLE IMPACT (Stud, the new importsire) – Collision x Rumble Ciarrai – Smooth Rumble x Pony Tina.

This dameline is producing generation by generation see Ponys liitersister Pony Maiden who has top dogs in every litter.

Whites Lee

(Brett Lee x Beaming Heart)

This bitch is already proven but we are expecting far more from her.
She is a  big bitch with a lovely character, littersister to Beaming Dilemma, ( at stud) and Heart Runble ( at stud in USA) Her dameline is breeding champions one generation after the other and I can t wait to breed her

Game Spirit

(Craigie Mo Town x Greys Free Style)

Game Spirit is litter sister to Kinloch Brae, she has arrived now in Ireland after her quaratine and has a litter to Lughill jo. Her litter brother Kinloch Brae had a phenomenal start as a sire in Ireland, his early matings are rocking Shelbourne Park and there is more to come Beside she carries Fortress she is out of the Representation dameline which is producing on and on and having Molotov as well...............she is like her litter brother bred in USA designed for Ireland. Game Spirit is proven by her first 2 litters, Jon Arno, the former owner and breeder said about her: Game Spirit gave my the fastest pup I ever had, Flight Jacket, an upcoming superstar, just with 4 wins up to grade A in Palm Beach. Unfortunatly Flight Jacket broke her hock but was saved for breeding. watch some of her races at data.



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Solo Star

(Droopys Kewell x Ginger Pepes)

Solo Star was a TOP racebitch, Oaks finalist and raced in the NIGHT OF STARS. She won 17 races, 13 of them openclass. 

Milford Mama

Jaxxy Remix

Jaxxmanic Monday

Grumpy Boots


Jaxxon a Mission